this short article shall cover 18 Application Tips For Prospective Students

A family studies materials distributed during an admission program that is on-campus. (Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

Whether it’s writing the essay or completing the applying process as a whole, time spent reflecting on and communicating your experience could be valuable and positive.

18. Don’t stress out!

Bring that positive attitude into the process, and think that most admission officers will relish reading your story.

17. You will do have control

Within the case of signing up to Bates, you will end up one of the most significant applicants, so that the process is away from control in certain ways. But in different ways, you have got control. You control your writing, whom you decide to write your recommendations and, by spring, which colleges you select among the ones that accept your application.

16. Get feedback

Have a fresh pair of eyes provide you with some feedback. Do not allow another to rewrite your essay, but edits and opinions from someone else are often helpful.

15. Keep it simple

In your writing, avoid vocabulary that tries to sound overly sophisticated. Admission officers are not impressed by the overuse of long vocabulary words found in thesauruses. Find and make use of your voice that is own to your story.

14. Be original

We’ve seen plagiarized essays before, along with the work of a parent, teacher or essay-writing professional. Don’t make that mistake.

13. Include details

Use action words that make your essay come alive. Paint a picture that may hold the reader’s attention.

12. Grab our attention

In your essay, begin with a great opener that catches the reader’s attention immediately. Result in the admission officer want to continue reading more info on you.

11. Stay focused

When asked to write an essay, try not to submit a research paper. Write an essay with meaning, and tell us something about yourself that can help admission officers envision you as a member of your campus community. Read More