How Exactly To Write A Great Essay Abstract With 4 Simple Questions

Do you want to know what an abstract must contain?

You’ll discover that right now. But first, it’s not every time you’ve got to write an abstract. If you’re not sure whether you need it for the essay entry or otherwise not, read this first: When Should You Write – Or Not Write – An Abstract?

Basically, an abstract contains – or should contain – four elements: a statement of problem, the investigation methodology, the result that is immediate the final outcome.

I have reduced these into four questions that are simple ease of application.

Statement of Problem

This identifies the problem and just why we have to worry about it. Did you write in response to growing youth unemployment, the global fight against polio or perhaps the rising wave of terrorism?

Africa has a big youthful population with half of its citizens significantly less than 20 years. However, the youth play little if any significant roles in nation building and Africa’s political development with all the average chronilogical age of the African head of state being 62 years. Read More